Sling TV


December 2020 - Present

Project Type

Ecommerce Product Strategy & Design


Redesign Sling's marketing website & streaming app


A more modern, mature, & cinematic experience

Group 1770

The WillowTree team integrated with the Sling product team to lead the redesign of 12 streaming platforms through the use of a new & cohesive design system and business-driven approach.

Sling, as a service, fell behind competitors in numerous ways but especially in UI/UX. Our goal was to reimagine Sling by overhauling the current design & user experience and do so in a way that strategically increased engagement in three critical ways: reduce customer churn rate, increase paid subscriptions, and promote more nuanced offers.

In order to reimagine an end-to-end experience across breakpoints and design as efficiently as possible, my team & I focused our design and strategy efforts around these key areas: creating a consistent design system, design and implement better upsell strategies, and encourage discoverability.

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WillowTree created a style guide with flexible elements to be used dynamically across the website & TV app. 

All designers worked simultaneously on different sections, which necessitated that we spend a large portion of our design efforts towards creating and maintaining an extensive, yet flexible design system. This would ensure a cohesive user experience despite screen size differences as well as enable seamless device handoff for users.


Crafting a more beautiful interface that lends to more user-centric streaming activities.

We collaborated with Sling UX teams to push the visual design into new territories; we incorporated channels colors, new photography, & new background graphics to bring visual interest to the interface.

After completing some usability testing, we learned that users prefer a lighter UI when they are learning something new or reading text. Conversely, users prefer a dark UI when they are watching content or immersed in an experience. To cater to this research while still presenting users with the concept that Sling offers users a cinematic experience, we used both dark and light interfaces across the site.


“Sling TV announces completely redesigned app, and it looks way nicer”

- The Verge

“The interface is cleaner, it's easier to perform tasks like recording TV and it simply feels like a more complete product.”

- Slash Gear

“Overall, the new design is much more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and just makes sense.”

- The Streamable

Selected Works

SlingStrategy, Native App, & Web Design

WillowTreeIdentity & Web Design